The shadow of penal supervision

Pervasive Punishment in Multimedia!

Post-publication, I’ve been doing my best to get the word out about the book in various ways.

The most beautiful of these, without doubt, is Sandy Butler’s gorgeous film of the book launch, which includes footage of Jo Mango and Friends performing ‘Depth’ from the System Hold EP, of Louis Abbott performing ‘Always A Way’ from the Seen and Heard EP, of me reading from ‘An Invisible Collar’, and of various kind  audience members sharing what they made of it all. It’s only 5 minutes long, but the film does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of a very memorable evening. Click on the thumbnail about and see for yourself!

Back in November, Jo and I were also invited to talk about the book and the EP on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway’ programme. The BBC have kindly allowed us to hold onto the audio, which you can find here:

And finally, I was also invited to write a short piece for the online magazine Discover Society. This was published in January. If text is your thing, then have a look here:

Pervasive Punishment: Making sense of ‘mass supervision’

I’ll post again soon when there is more news about the release of Jo’s EP ‘System Hold’ by Olive Grove Records. We’re expecting this to be in March.